Room 1
En-suite Family Room 1 double & 1 single beds
Room 2
Small Double private bathroom
Room 3
En-suite Double room 1 double bed
Room 4
En-suite Twin room 2 single beds
Room 5
En-suite Family Room 1 double, 2 single beds
Room 6
En-suite Double room 1 double bed
1st 2nd 5th
26th 27th
1st 6th
14th - 17th 20th
21st 22nd 5th 16th
21st - 23rd
1st 6th 14th
18th - 22nd
26th - 28th
6th 7th
20th- 22nd
26th 30th
£85 (gbp) for up to 3
£95 (gbp) for 4
£95(gbp) for up to 4
£65 (gbp)
£5 (gbp) added for
Stay 3 or more nights, pay cash, get 10% discount

We try very very hard to bring you the best value in town. That doesnt necessarily mean that you wont find cheaper accommodation in Edinburgh cos you probably will. Will you find the quality of accommodation we provide for a guests at a better rate? Proabably not. We can still offer you great deals for 3 or more nights stay if you are prepared to pay cash/ Theses deals are available from 1st April to 31st October when we stop doing great deals and start to do our absolutely fabulous ones. You can check them all out by Clicking Here
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